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VECKTA Creates Revolutionary Technology That Is Transforming the Commercial & Industrial Energy Markets

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San Diego, California–(Newsfile Corp. – May 6, 2022) – VECKTA is on a mission to revolutionize the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) energy marketplace with its innovative technology solution which is providing a one-stop platform for businesses to assess, develop, build, and deploy their onsite energy solutions.

VECKTA is an online end-to-end marketplace that empowers businesses to input data about their operations and their objectives, compare and contrast various solution options, and then competitively shop their preferred solution with a vibrant network of suppliers. By guiding companies through every step of the way, VECKTA ensures a profitable and sustainable energy transition that is simple, streamlined, and transparent.

Veckta One Stop Platform

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In today’s world, companies are doing everything they can to manage rising energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, fight climate change, and make themselves more energy independent. While these are vital goals, for many businesses they set up a challenging set of obstacles. There is a significant information asymmetry between those that need solutions and those that sell them. One of the biggest issues in energy transition today is that there has not been a true marketplace for companies to evaluate their options. Instead, they are most often sold directly by an energy supplier, creating a dynamic that is not always in the best interest of the buyer.

“A solar developer will naturally want to sell you a solar solution,” says VECKTA founder and CEO, Gareth Evans. “But what if solar is not right for you or solar combined with one or more technologies would be most optimal? Up until now it has been very hard to get trusted and independent clarity at an acceptable price point.”

For many companies, finding the right solution is imperative – especially those which need a reliable onsite energy system. By leveraging VECKTA’s innovative platform, companies can first evaluate their own needs, determining the best energy solution for their business before connecting with energy suppliers.

“At VECKTA we have integrated the world’s most advanced energy system design software, marketplace data, processes and tools to support and walk our customers through the entire process,” Evans says. “Our customers create a business case and system design, use our platform to create a request for proposal, that is released to our marketplace of vetted suppliers, and then those suppliers can bid on components or the entire energy system.”

For businesses who choose to seek financing for their energy transition project, VECKTA makes those connections as well, matching energy users with investors offering a variety of attractive commercial structures. Finally, businesses can review structured proposals, shortlist leading suppliers, negotiate, and award work on the VECKTA platform.

“The goal is to make it a seamless process for our C&I customers to take control of their energy transition and not be a passenger in the process,” Evans says.

With their energy marketplace, VECKTA is hoping to transform the way that businesses evaluate and build onsite energy systems and microgrids. In doing so, they are empowering small and large companies to achieve their important climate goals and cost certainty while also improving their energy independence.

“At its core, VECKTA is enabling all parties in the C&I energy space to operate more sustainably and profitably,” Evans says. “Disrupting the marketplace doesn’t feel like the right word. It is more that we are unlocking and enabling the marketplace.”

To learn more about VECKTA’s mission to simplify onsite energy development, please visit www.veckta.com.

Contact Details:
Company Name: VECKTA
Contact Person: Gareth Evans
Phone Number: (619) 268-1025
Website Link: https://www.veckta.com/

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