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Three Massive Takeaways from 2023 Games Programming

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Now that the dust has settled on the 2023 CrossFit Game titles, we can look at the test in its entirety and make some crucial observations about how well balanced or biased it was.  

The aspects: The first issue we appeared at was the unique modalities programmed across the weekend. 

The monostructural (aka cardio) movements have been programmed seven periods, with jogging appearing twice. Gymnastics (aka bodyweight) actions have been analyzed the most this yr, with 12 different movements showing up. Weightlifting (aka loaded implements), appeared 11 situations above the weekend. 

Down below is a breakdown of each of the unique actions: 


  1. Mountain bike 
  2. SkiErg 
  3. Run (400-meter repeats in “Helena”) 
  4. Operate (Cross-Country 5K)
  5. Row 
  6. Major rope double below
  7. Echo Bike 


  1. Upper body-to-bar
  2. Toes-to-bar 
  3. Handstand walking
  4. Freestanding handstand force-ups 
  5. Pirouettes 
  6. Pull-overs 
  7. Seated legless rope climbs 
  8. Bar muscle mass ups
  9. Box bounce-overs 
  10. Burpee box leap-overs 
  11. Ring muscle ups
  12. Parallel bar traverse 


  1. Pig flip
  2. Wallball 
  3. Sled push 
  4. Kettlebell clear and jerk 
  5. Sandbag squats 
  6. Dumbbell snatches 
  7. Barbell snatch
  8. Barbell cleanse and jerk 
  9. Sandbag-more than-log
  10. Sled pull 
  11. Barbell Thruster

The modalities are relatively well balanced when breaking down the 12 exams into their specific actions. 

  • Over and above the movements, time domains stayed legitimate to the fabric of basic CrossFit with the bulk of assessments sitting in the 10- to 20-moment selection and the second most common array being 5- to 10-minutes. There was a lengthier check (40-minute mountain bicycle), together with professional checks with the cross-place 5k operate, Olympic total and inverted medley. 

3 Major Takeaways

1. Strongman and odd objects are not likely anywhere 

1 of the commonly reviewed matters for this year’s CrossFit Game titles was the deficiency of barbell movements programmed at the CrossFIt Video games. When we look at the year in its entirety, it is distinct that the people who arrived in Madison experienced been comprehensively analyzed in barbell movements between the Open, Quarterfinals and Semifinals.

 Logistic limits stop the CrossFit Video games crew from screening odd objects in before stages of the season, so it need to be envisioned that they will be reserved for the last phase of the large photograph in acquiring the Fittest on Earth. 

  • 6 of the 12 exams involved non-barbell loaded implements when compared to the two exams that did include things like barbells. 
  • Sleds and sandbags appeared in four assessments, being applied for a range of capabilities. 

2. Gymnastics pulling reign supreme

The extent of gymnastics upper system pressing was minimal to the “Inverted Medley,” which had 16 cost-free-standing handstand push-ups. Over and above this, you can rely the burpees and ring muscle ups from later exams in the weekend. 

  • Six actions programmed hanging and/or pulling from a bar, rings or rope.
  • 237 kipping reps have been programmed across 12 checks among toes-to-bar, chest-to-bar, pull-overs, bar muscle mass ups and ring muscle mass ups 
  • Saturday was the only day that did not involve hanging and pulling from an object 

3. The “out-and-back” examination format is a staple

In get for the activity to increase, it needs to be spectator-welcoming. 

Employing the ground/field structure to complete this is nothing new at the CrossFit Game titles and having athletes get the job done down and again can help recognize who’s in the guide, even though also spreading the exam across the overall ground/subject for spectators at the level of competition. On the lookout at it from a programming point of view, it is unquestionably some thing athletes and coaches can just take benefit of heading into Semifinals and the Video games every single time with their preparing. 

  • 25 p.c of the programmed tests highlighted this format (Pig Chipper, Inverted Medley and Intervals) 

The base line: The programming at the 2023 CrossFit Video games was balanced throughout modalities whilst tests across wide time domains. It’s obvious that testing electricity, toughness and endurance by way of the use of loaded implements is shifting to favor non-barbell implements at the Game titles degree of programming. Gymnastics pulling was closely biased about urgent this calendar year and there are trends in check formats with the out-and-back type showing in 25 percent of the exams.

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