September 25, 2023


Develop Technology For The Connected World

The essence of good company leaders and technology

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Dr. Kennedy K. Amofa

For pretty much 3 a long time, business enterprise leaders throughout the world have exhibited incredible resilience and persistence through the pandemic to come up with educated choices and business options to sustain the world enterprise economic system. Faced with additional elaborate enterprise issues, they have employed advanced technological know-how to accomplish organizational objectives and fulfill anticipations of their stakeholders, including buyers, companies and traders.

For the earlier a long time, most company leaders have depended on their instinct and business knowledge to manage the business’s functions. Having said that, a lot more business enterprise leaders are now embracing emerging technological innovation like Massive Details, Synthetic Intelligence (AI) and proof-based mostly conclusion models. Sophisticated technologies has enabled enterprise leaders to redesign their organizational framework to accommodate remote operating and take care of acute world wide source-chain worries.

In the mid-1930s, Professor Ordway Teed of Columbia University was amongst the early leadership theorists to offer an substantial checklist of leadership traits comprising of the physical and nervous energy, a perception of reason and course, enthusiasm, friendliness and passion, integrity, specialized mastery, decisiveness, intelligence, teaching talent, and faith as conclusion-producing models and the electrical power to affect. It is vital to take note that terrific leaders show some of these significant qualities to make value in their corporations.

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