April 20, 2024


Develop Technology For The Connected World

The Benefits of Technology in the Era of Globalization

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Along with a development in the era of globalization which is very rapid which causes a significant change in technology. In the development of information technology that is very supportive of a business process for the company and to manage its data management system.

This information technology is a technology that helps humans in making, storing, and changing information. This technology provides convenience in the activities of a business process LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO Company, especially in a business process activity, especially in matters for decision making at the management level for the company.

This can also have an impact on improving financial performance in a company, what is the relationship between information technology and systems. This information system is one means that can be used as a support/support for processing information technology. The main function of this information system in supporting information technology is:

  • Collecting data storage from all activities and transactions related to company operations.
  • Processing data that becomes information for the company’s management in decision making.
  • Internal control in the company’s operational activities.

How to stage the system development that must be required:

  1. Stages of planning
  2. System analysis
  3. System design
  4. System testing
  5. Implementation of the system
  6. System maintenance

With the development of the system, the business value related to the use of information technology will be achieved, namely:

1. Supplier Relations

This information technology can coordinate relations with suppliers, so this can improve production efficiency.

2. Sales and Marketing Support

With the existence of information technology, the completeness of this information in planning and decision making by improving coordination and communication.

3. The Planning and Support Process

With the existence of information technology, the completeness of this information in planning and decision making by improving coordination and communication.

4. Production and Operations

This information technology can be used to improve production techniques through computerization for design and manufacturing.

5. Reporting

This information technology is used in making it easier to make and get reports of results on work activities.

The Importance of IT in Business

It can be concluded that this information technology provides an important role, especially in data processing, so that this can be achieved effectiveness and efficiency in accordance with the business strategy expected by the company.

Historically, modern businesses have centralized important information stored in their data center centers. The evolution of this system is increasingly sophisticated which has made many companies adopt and develop their own servers and storage.

Data centers are the main place to be able to manage the amount of data in this number very much. The infrastructure of this data center consists of hardware components, such as computer devices, network devices, and storage systems. Software components such as applications, management software, and operating systems.

Besides this environmental control also includes such as air conditioning, ventilation, fire extinguisher, and others. Large companies will have more than one data center to ensure the smooth process of data distribution and for backups in the event of a disaster and things that are beyond our expectations.

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