June 9, 2023


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Surviving Hard Economic Times Post Pandemic

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Some people around the country are finding it hard to bounce back to their ordinary life routine after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a PNAS study conducted over the pandemic period, 40-60% of participants were reported to be at risk of clinical depression. This is understandable because extended periods of isolation could cause a complete behavior overhaul. While social isolation has been a major factor in people’s changing habits, economic uncertainty cannot be overlooked. Luckily, there is something that you can do if you realize that you are struggling to meet basic needs or have become overly restless. Try the following; 

Engage with others deliberately

Find social activities taking place in your area and attend. You might not feel like talking to people, but being in a group helps you to appreciate the struggles that others are going through. Before you know it, your healing and acceptance of your life circumstances will come from knowing that you are not alone in life’s journey. 

Apply for government support

Have you applied for social security? You will at least have food needs taken care of, helping you to focus on other matters. Are you struggling to get a job? It would also help if you applied for affordable communication solutions; bundled voice packages, broadband connectivity, and low-cost telephone call rates are all accessible through subscription-based lifeline phone providers Oklahoma-based. There are obviously location-specific services of the same type for different areas. 

Improve your worth

Did you lose your job loss as a result of industry restructuring? That is the best indication that you need to invest in yourself. Create time for learning a new course, new language, or new skill. The wider you cast your net, the more likely it is that you will catch something. 

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