February 22, 2024


Develop Technology For The Connected World

Soliloquy column If only technological know-how have been genuine to its guarantee

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New engineering constantly disappoints, but that does not signify it is not great.  My first encounter with a technological innovation was in 1964 when I was provided the coveted Tressy doll for Christmas.

I was not fond of dolls and hardly ever played with them, but the Tressy was distinctive because she arrived with a essential you could adhere in her back again. Turn it and her hair would increase or shrink.

I was entirely awed by the adverts for Tressy, so when I opened my existing and found a actual Tressy, I was in raptures.

The first time I performed with the doll, however, the keyhole on her back broke, and her hair refused to retreat into her plastic scalp. I was crushed.

Donna Marmorstein

I’ve been skeptical about innovation ever because, but I however relish the suggestions at the rear of every new invention.

When the Alexa sensible speaker was advertised, I was astonished at what it was meant to do. It could give you time and weather conditions hold a shopping list, seem up nearly anything on Wikipedia, set timers and alarms, incorporate functions to your calendar, perform music and send voice messages.

It does most of these items some of the time.

Additional and extra frequently, while, it mishears or ignores me completely. When Alexa was new, the adverts mentioned it was designed to improve itself around time. Rather, it appears to worsen. 

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