February 22, 2024


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Seize6 Secures In excess of $8M Grant for Revolutionary Carbon Seize Engineering

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In a major improve to the carbon seize marketplace, Capture6, a California-dependent startup, has secured a grant exceeding $8 million from the California Vitality Fee. 

This funding, the major in the existing round of the Commercialization Industrial Decarbonization (CID) Program, will propel the company’s groundbreaking Venture Monarch at the Pure H2o Antelope Valley (PWAV) Demonstration Facility.

Seize6 is a direct air seize (DAC) start-up specializing in local weather resilience and industrial decarbonization. The company develops and commercializes very scalable strategies to taking away carbon dioxide.

Seize6’s Job Monarch will exhibit the use of saltwater separation engineering to eliminate CO2.

Developing Freshwater By Eradicating Carbon

Capture6 is revolutionizing the carbon seize sector with its unique, scalable technological innovation. The startup’s strategy integrates DAC with h2o treatment method systems and as a result, developing a round economic system answer. 

This progressive method uses brine, a byproduct of drinking water therapy facilities, to deliver a solvent that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide. The result? A twin reward of extra freshwater and lessened CO2 emissions, is a get-acquire for communities and the atmosphere.

Drinking water protection is a world wide issue, with desire projected to surge by 55% by 2050

Standard h2o sources, often large in salt and minerals, demand major treatment right before use. The startup’s technologies gives a remedy to this escalating environmental disaster. 

By making use of salt h2o to generate its carbon removal solvent, Seize6 can recuperate in excess of 50% of freshwater from desalination squander brine. This system not only gives drinking and industrial water but also captures CO₂ and removes squander brine.

Seize6 Approach to Carbon Capture

Capture6 direct air capture process

The grant application was a collaborative exertion, led by Seize6, with PSE Healthy Electricity, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Stantec. 

The Palmdale H2o District (PWD) will companion with Capture6 to establish the PWAV Demonstration Facility. This facility will showcase Seize6’s cutting-edge technological know-how and PWD’s sophisticated h2o purification through a customer discovering heart and guided excursions.

Berkeley Lab will participate in a important job in the project, building a in depth monitoring, reporting, and verification protocol. They will also execute a life cycle analysis for the project, when PSE Healthful Strength will direct air pollutant assessments.

Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole, CEO and co-founder of Capture6, expressed his gratitude for the grant, stating, 

“It signifies one of the biggest state-funded DAC investments to day. It confirms our process is practical in decarbonizing industries when at the very same time cutting down emissions and rising freshwater materials.”

Seize6’s Special CO2 Elimination Facility

The facility, named Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility, which contains Seize6’s Project Monarch, will be the initial completely built-in water administration and CO₂ removing facility of its type.

Project Monarch is a two-stage initiative with the final objective of establishing a significant-scale industrial facility. The good results of this task hinges on community help as properly as constructive results from the demonstration facility.

Capture6’s carbon seize method has the likely for world wide replication. The firm is actively pursuing options, specially in New Zealand, Asia, the Center East, Canada, and throughout the US. The target is to produce superior-value environmental and economic outcomes, including pure h2o, inexpensive carbon removing, and emissions reductions.

Here’s how the startup’s DAC procedure is effective, spelled out in the movie below.

The CID Application is a critical element of the California Vitality Commission’s broader efforts to generate a clean, modern-day, and thriving California. As the state’s most important strength plan and arranging company, the Fee plays a pivotal position in supporting the transition to a cleanse electrical power economic climate and lessening greenhouse gasoline emissions.

In summary, Seize6’s impressive technological know-how and the new grant from the California Energy Fee mark a major stride in the combat versus climate adjust. The company’s exclusive solution to carbon capture and h2o treatment method could be a match-changer in the worldwide effort to reduce CO2 emissions and protected h2o provides. Continue to be tuned for extra updates on this thrilling development.

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