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Internet Supports Mom Who Adopted Sister’s Kid After She Wants ‘Daughter Back’

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A woman has taken to Reddit to share why she had threatened a restraining order against her sister—and the internet has rallied around her in support.

The post was shared on the “AmItheA**hole” forum, where people ask for advice on whether they have acted out of line.

It begins with the woman explaining that she adopted her younger sister’s child after her sibling fell pregnant “and she wanted to terminate it but instead chose to keep it and give it away for adoption.”

The woman revealed: “My sister also expressed that she’s not fit to be a mom and has been open about staying childfree.”

The 32-year-old mom explained that her daughter is now 11 and for “years we’ve never had issues with our family dynamic.”

However, now that she, the Redditor, is pregnant her sister’s “stance has changed.”

She added: “My sister claims that now that I’m expecting my own biological kid she wants ‘her’ daughter back.

“I was shocked to say the least and I told her that’s not gonna happen, the kid is legally adopted by me and my husband and she’s grown up with me as her mother.

“She claims I stole her kid by taking advantage of her young age when she got pregnant and I reminded her that giving up the kid for adoption was her own choice. She wants the kid back and demands to act like a mother.”

The concerned woman also went on to add: “She’s also threatened to tell the kid the truth unless we do as she says. Legally there’s nothing she can do but I don’t want my kid to be traumatised by revealing the truth especially that way.”

She ended the post, explaining: “My husband and I threatened a restraining order.”

The woman also revealed that her parents think her and her sister have equal rights to the child and that they should compromise, but the poster said: “I are not willing to back down as protecting our kid and family is our first priority.”

According to Montes Family Law, if an adoption is to be reversed and the child given to the custody of his or her birth parents the “adoptive parents must give consent to the reversal.

“Many states are up in the air about these laws and in some cases, it cannot be done once the adoption is complete.”

The post, which was shared on October 30, has garnered more than 16,800 upvotes on Reddit and has surpassed 1,885 comments.

On the whole people thought that getting a restraining order was a good idea, including an account called Ratloko who typed: “NTA [Not the a**hole]!! Take a Restraining order against your dumbass parents too.”

Another person, 9okm, agreed adding: “Restraining order sounds good to me.”

However, they also implored the woman to “Tell your daughter the truth now to avoid it being revealed in an unpleasant way.”

Jane_the_Quene typed:” You are that child’s mother in every respect other than biologically. You sister and your parents are way out of line.

“You need to tell your daughter the truth. Do it in your own way, and do it as soon as possible. Your daughter deserves to know, but aside from that, it will be far less upsetting coming from you, her parents, than if your sister blurts it. It also takes away that threat from your sister.”

Pooperintendant admitted: “NTA [Not the a**hole]. But it seems that you’re going to have to tell your daughter that her favorite aunt is actually her biological mother sooner than you had planned.

“It’s much better if you and your husband tell her than if your sister does so because it allows you to preempt her lie. Also, it removes her blackmailing you through that threat of telling her. Best.”

Agreetedboat123 commented:” The fact that she is threatening to tell the kid something (rather than advocating it’s the right thing for the kid to know in general regardless of any actions by OP [Original Poster]) means she’s open to emotionally traumatizing the kid as a weapon, rather than looking out for the kid.

“Tell your kid the truth. Explain what’s happening at high level, look up how to go about this, be prepared to pair it with family and individual therapy for the kid.”

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