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How to transfer your data to new pc utilizing network, share folder

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Q: I will not have a issue but preferred to notify you content birthday! I read your column just about every week in the Odessa American and often glimpse forward to it. And I often will study a thing or two. So, thank you for your column.

– Judy W., Odessa, Texas

(Geek Notice: I.G.T.M. had its 15th birthday back again in July. Since I do my most effective to operate thoughts in the order I acquire them, it can acquire as several as 8 weeks or much more for a reader submission to show up. So, I am shamefully guiding in acknowledging Judy’s properly-wishes.)

A: Judy, thank you so much for using the time out of your active day to produce in for no other purpose than to ship me a minor greeting to acknowledge the column’s milestone. There ought to be some thing very exclusive about people today with your initials. So, here’s a excellent major Geeky howdy back to Texas from here in the Florida Panhandle, in which It truly is Geek To Me originates just about every 7 days. Thanks for supporting my column in the ideal way possible: by getting a weekly reader, from time to time learning something, and producing in to hold the things that fuels the column flowing. ‘Preciate ya!

Jeff Werner

Q: I have a new laptop or computer, a Dell managing Windows 10. My aged Dell Home windows 7 device is starting off to act up, so I need to have to go the information. Is there a way to hook up the two and go the documents effortlessly or do I have to use a flash generate to move all the things?

I do have everything backed up to Carbonite on a nightly foundation.

– Crystal G., Baker, Florida

A: When you get a new Laptop, you don’t really need to have to transfer “every thing.” In point, you shouldn’t. Your new laptop or computer arrived with its have copy of Windows, configured with every little thing wanted for it to run correctly. Basically copying in excess of all the things from the previous one will cause any number of troubles. It is also not doable to simply duplicate most other software to a new pc. Virtually all present day Windows computer software will have to be put onto a procedure by working its installer. This permits it to build registry keys, sign-up file extensions, and carry out numerous other setup duties that you possibly you should not treatment about.

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