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4 Explanations Why Python Should not Be the Major Programming Language

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Instances have never ever been greater for Python. The language now ranks as the most well-known programming language in the environment, in accordance to the TIOBE Index — a situation that reflects a long time of constant progress over the earlier two a long time.

That progress stems from a variety of variables. One is the actuality that Python — irrespective of its humble origins as an increased shell scripting language — has developed into a person of the most adaptable, dynamic languages out there. It can be employed for almost everything from world-wide-web enhancement, to world wide web of matters (IoT) programming, to AI and further than. One more is that Python code is quite effortless to create and execute, which makes Python a language of decision for introductory programming programs. Fundamentally everybody who usually takes Coding 101 at college or university, or attends a coding bootcamp, now learns Python.

Nonetheless, element of me miracles how prolonged Python’s heyday will last. Though there is certainly absolutely nothing at all inherently improper with the language, I’m in some methods surprised that it has managed to grow to be as well-known as it has, and I am a little bit doubtful about whether or not Python will continue being a leading programming language 10 or 20 years from now.

Why, you ask? Perfectly, listed here are four factors why Python is arguably much more popular than it deserves to be.

1. Python Is Not Quickly

Arguably the programming language’s most significant shortcoming is that programs created in Python are just not quickly. At least, they are not practically as quickly as these coded in languages like C or even Java (which is alone not an specially rapidly language).

For this motive, I get worried that we are capturing ourselves in the foot a little bit by writing so a great deal code in Python. The code could be effortless to compose and deploy, but we are sacrificing velocity, performance, and efficiency. In a world where by each millisecond counts, Python is just not a terrific preference.


2. Python’s Syntax Is Also Rigid

Section of the reason Python is so well-liked, in particular amongst men and women more recent to coding, is that it involves a really particular syntax. That syntax happens to final result in code that is really neat and readable.

This is wonderful if you you should not intellect using the time to comply with all of Python’s syntactic policies. But if you just want to churn out code swiftly, Python is possibly not the most effective language.

So, if we want to prioritize overall flexibility and dynamism around possessing everyone’s code glimpse really pretty and constant, Python is not the finest language for the long term.

3. Python Supplies a Restricted Programming Knowledge

Yet another portion of the purpose why Python is preferred with beginners is that it really is simple to use. You don’t have to pass your code by way of a compiler.

The downside of Python in this respect, nonetheless, is that it doesn’t really provide a holistic software progress expertise. Folks who discover to code in Python are not understanding about just about every factor of a common application improvement pipeline, and they will facial area a discovering curve if they go on to get the job done with languages that are not interpreted.

In reality — and this may possibly seem a little severe — knowing how to code in Python is merely 1 action up from recognizing how to operate courses in a Bash shell, which is not coding at all.

From this perspective, you could argue that Python is producing a generation of programmers who you should not necessarily know “entire” programming. They just know how to compose interpreted code.

4. Practically nothing Definitely Major Has Been Prepared in Python

This assertion may also place me in some warm water, but I’ll go in advance and make it: As I glance all around the world these days, I never see any actually substantial, complicated, momentous programs or platforms composed in Python.

Positive, there are a lot of important internet sites that use Python in one particular way or another, mostly on the again finish. And there are most likely hundreds of thousands of smaller sized apps out there created in Python.

But there is no Python-based mostly equivalent to WordPress (though there are some Python-based mostly CMSes out there, most of which you have likely not listened to of). There is no place of work productiveness suite that relies upon heavily on Python. There is undoubtedly no running procedure, or even a major element of an functioning procedure, coded in Python.

This observation is just not a criticism of Python as a great deal as it can be an hard work to emphasize the truth that, if Python were poised to remain a prime programming language for many years to come, you would imagine someone would have finished something more intriguing with it by now than generate scripts and very simple apps. But they have not, and they likely would not.


Admittedly, the arguments I have produced higher than in opposition to Python are all subjective and surely pretty debatable. Lots of people today are extra bullish about Python than me.

And I am not expressing that Python should under no circumstances be applied. It definitely has legitimate use conditions. But these use scenarios mostly entail crafting reasonably uncomplicated scripts and apps, not seeking to use Python as the go-to language for writing all the things beneath the sunlight.

Soon after all, as I stated previously mentioned, Python was built initially to be fundamentally just a shell scripting language. It has morphed into a considerably more well-known sort of monster, and I think that pattern will demonstrate to be an anomaly. 10 many years from now, I suspect we’ll be searching back again and questioning what we had been imagining when we made Python the most popular programming language in the earth.

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